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Who do you use as an Attribution Provider?

Sorcery AI unifies the data across your ad partners as well as your attribution provider.

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Clicking “CONTINUE” below allows You to access and use Sorcery AI, Our proprietary platform that combines data to conduct reconciliation and demonstrate return on ad spend (“Sorcery AI”).

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As a beta service, Sorcery AI is currently provided “as is” with no express or implied warranty, may contain bugs or errors, and is not subject to similar support as other TMC Services. You may accept or decline access and use of Sorcery AI at Your sole discretion, and We may discontinue Sorcery AI at any time in Our sole discretion.


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Sorcery AI is currently in public beta. To apply for an invitation using Adjust as your attribution provider, create your account now. We will process your request in the order received.

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Stop your Attribution data from falling into a Black Hole

Sorcery AI is built to help marketers like you to fully understand Return on Ad Spend for your paid marketing campaigns.

Before you can get started with Sorcery AI, first you need to get your mobile apps connected with an attribution provider.

What is an Attribution Provider?

An attribution provider allows you to work with multiple ad partners for acquiring users from paid marketing channels and then understand the value of those campaigns.